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“Single Sign On” Saves Big Time

by Ken Valley • March 2, 2012 Recently, we’ve added a brand new function to our Professional Services Library that further expands upon two very useful functions that already exist in the library (PS.JM and PS.Proofs).

Screenshot of Job Manager being opened from a Virtual Ticket form.

The new function, PS.PortalUserAuth allows users to cross-authenticate between the modules of the Workgroups suite. So, for example you can set your system up to allow Virtual Ticket to open the Workgroups Portal from simple button interfaces and use the currently logged in user’s credentials for authentication.

You might be wondering, what are the benefits? Now you can open the Workgroups Portal from anywhere in Virtual Ticket with just the click of a button. A good example for Virtual Ticket & Job Manager owners would be to place a button on your main job ticket so when users bring up a particular job they can, with one click, open the Workgroups Portal and display all the financial information for the job including a real time list of job charges, estimated vs. actual reports, charge back entry, invoices and much more. No additional login or authentication is required. It’s that fast and easy.

Generally, administrators can implement this in a matter of minutes, and consequently could save each user hours over the course of a month. What a great return on investment!

Do you plan on using this new function in your workflow? If so, let me know if there are any suggestions for future improvement or if you have any questions. I’m always excited to hear from you!

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