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Professional Services Issue Tracking and Collaboration

by Ken Valley • April 12, 2012 Over the past few months, we have started using an issue tracking system to collaborate with customers.

Tracking Issues from Virtual Ticket

We were looking for a more consistent way to track our implementation issues and communicate more effectively with both customers and our internal Professional Services group.

We have found that with the system, we could have instant feedback and notifications on open or updated issues, the ability to view issues in any state (including unresolved issues), searching and filtering of the issues and increased communication between Professional Services and our customers.

Also, one of our favorite features is the integration with the “Report a Problem” button in Workgroups. When a bug or issue occurs in the implementation, the user has the ability to “Report a Problem”. This automatically adds the issue to the tracking system, resulting in a much faster turn-around time and easier debugging for Professional Services and our Engineering team.

Since we began using the system, we have been able to track issues more efficiently. This is largely because our issue tracking is now much more transparent. We are able to see who’s working on each issue, what’s been done, and customers now get to see an issue become resolved as soon as it happens.

Do you use an issue tracking system as part of your workflow? We’d love to hear any suggestions you might have to help us communicate with you better.

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