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Increasing the Performance of your Virtual Ticket Forms

by Ken Valley • January 20, 2012 As an Administrator, when you develop your Virtual Ticket forms, users are constantly giving feedback on how to make the forms more useful.

Sometimes, when customers add more and more to their forms (we have customers with hundreds of fields on a single form) the forms become complex and may need to be “tuned” to eliminate unnecessary performance problems.

The key to tackling such performance issues is two-fold: you must first identify bottlenecks and then correct them. One of the tools we have been using in Professional Services to identify bottlenecks is PSTrace.js, part of the Professional Services Library.

This tool helps identify SQL queries, server plugin calls, or server script calls that may cause performance issues. By looking at the results, we are able to determine not only the number of items but also how long these items take to process.

For example, if we have twenty popup controls on a form, and each one has its own list query, the large number of queries may end up slowing down your form load. A solution to this would be to use a server-side script to create our lists, or we could use PS.LoadScriptPopup to have the popup only load the query when the user clicks on the popup.

To use PSTrace.js, make sure you have the latest Professional Services Library, and follow the instructions listed in the Virtual Ticket documentation.

Using this tool, you can easily identify your bottlenecks, and determine the best way to tune your forms for performance. If you would like advice, feel free to contact our support department or me directly.

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