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Archiving Success Story

by Justin Bierman • May 17, 2012 From searching through DVDs to recovery in 20 minutes

Successfully locating folders and files from backup using Digital Storage Manager

I recently helped a customer configure their newly purchased Digital Storage Manager system and integrate it with CA Arcserve for archiving to tape and it is already paying off for them.

A Little Background

This customer runs several terabytes of imagery through their organization every year and the need to archive on a regular basis is very real. Some of their jobs are well over 100GB in size.

Before purchasing Digital Storage Manager, archiving was a very manual process with multiple DVDs being spanned to hold the contents of the job files. Digital Storage Manager became a piece of a much larger strategy. The customer purchased a new archive server with 4TB of online storage, CA Arcserve, and an LTO5 tape drive with each tape holding 1.8 TB of information (uncompressed). Digital Storage Manager and Virtual Ticket are now a part of their file management process from start to finish. From automatically creating the job folder and its sub folders at the beginning of the job to easily locating the files ready to archive through a simple Virtual Ticket find and ultimately writing the files to tape, the entire process is managed in by Workgroups.

The Payoff

Less than a month into using this new configuration, the production manager called me to tell me that he just recovered a 100GB job from his archive using DSM AND it only took him 20 minutes to copy all of the files back to production. In the past, that 100GB would have been spread out over many, many DVDs and he or someone else would have been searching through all of the DVDs for the right files. This was a huge time saver for him.

Are you looking for an easier way to manage your files? Let us know.

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